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"The high road to service is traveled with integrity, compassion and understanding... people don't care how much we know until they know how much we care"

Fare more than 10 years we work for our customers. As a consultant and/or know-how supplier. As a trustworthy and independent partner.

We are very proud of the competence of our customers. Because, the best way to measure our competence is the success of our customers.


Here, our manufacturer independence is a real advantage.

We offer a wide range of IT services. These includes:

    - project management
    - IT architecture
    - integration
    - migration
    - data center-solution
    - cluster-solution
    - engineering
    - production
    - security analysis
    - security solution
    - efficiency improvement
    - quality improvement
    - performance improvement
    - data recovery

    - reverse engineering
    - computer crime
    - etc...

We do not only produce and deliver our customers a lot of paper. We also support our customers to put the solution into action.


Today's business is changing faster than ever before.

The expectations are very high. A company should offer a nearly boundless dynamic and flexibility.
Something, what is hard to reach without external help. In nearly each sort of business we can support you in the following fields:

    - conflict management
    - process / organization 
    - quality assurance
    - cost cutting

Special business know-how and therefore a broaden offering (field specified consulting and field solutions) we can give you for: 

     - airline / air carrier
     - airline related companies
     - high-tech industry 
     - hospitals
     - electronic manufacturing
     - security services


Computer crime is rising and shows more and more grotesque forms.

Today no bigger company can get around computer crime.

Computer crime has many differnt faces.  It starts by abusing of other people's property for their own purpose (the run  of commercial internet server on company-owned hardware is just on example), further to an easy  IP addresses theft up to espionage and fraud.
Today computer viruses and trojan horses they look nearly a bit childish or like a boy's joke. Intentional set "program errors" from misunderstood feeling programmers or IT employees, causes an yearly damage which runs into billions.

This happens also in Switzerland. The police often get stock with their investigation technology or the affected company renounce a charge.

Engineering and research or searching for tomorrows solutions

Not a  typical consulting activity, but something, what is part of  our Partners (and also Parrot's Technology).

Today we develop for our customer Software, Parts, Manufacturing Technology, Circuit Board, Schematics, Equipment Parts up to finished Products.

Some examples:

    - supercomputer
    - notebooks
    - medical equipment
    - security technology
    - airplane cockpits
    - navigation equipment

    - ultra micro devices
    - software for special purpose

At the same time we work close together with different universities in America. Beside various  research projects we are also involved in basic research.

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