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Januar, 20. 2014


Manufacturing space search:

We need for a new project additional manufacturing space in Southern California, close to our existing operation.

Therefore we are considering facilities in Irvine, Carlsbad and Burbank.


The facility should offer at least one, better 2 or 3 state of the art production line for SMD PCBU mounting, including BGA packages (X-Ray test).


Interested in a cooperation, we are also willing to consider also a takeover.    

December, 9. 2013


How save is your IT? Try our free IT Security sceen. Now with a much better database in the back and soppurt for almost all operating Systems!
You will get a free secuirty report, including update recomendations.
Please note: We do not store any scan data on our side. The report will be sent automaticaly to the e-mail adrtess you enter when you start the  test.   

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