Password security, crypto- graphy,
Steganography (hide data) and much more methods of "data hiding" were needed today not only for security, also become often to a real concern. For example: An employee left the company. Somebody forgot the password. Or there are older data and nobody knows the password. Even in cases like this we mostly can help you.



Data Recovery

In connection with criminal actions, data mostly get destroyed willful.
Today we have a lot of possibilities, to recover data even they get destroyed willfulness. Even data can become readable, however they are many years or even decades old. Even then, when the data medium got fully formatted several times with the aid of Wipe-Out tools. 

    Forensic Investigations


Unfortunately the crime does not stop Exactly the opposite, the crime adapt to today's environment. Criminals are using the modern possibilities very efficient for their own purpose.
The good thing is, that criminals mostly leave their trace, even if there are using the most up to date technical possibilities. Mainly in the white-collar crime a company may often disclaim from bringing a charge against the criminal act.


There can be economical and/or political considerations. Or the available piece of evidence is not good enough to go to the police.

In most of such cases the problem is theft of important information, as example customer information, information leaks, espionage, abuse of access-codes or even sabotage.
More cases are related to the improper use of the company infrastructure (for example: an employee is using the company infrastructure for their own private internet business).

In such cases our forensic-specialists help you quick and competent. We analyze the situation for you and seize pieces of evidence. We certainly can support you with damage limitation and for the future we can help you to protect yourself.

These are often the first steps to be able to report to the police or to claim damages.

Beside data theft, sabotage and espionage (what most of the time happens from inside the company), our specialists can also investigate the responsible party of the criminal act from outside.
This includes:
                  - responsible party of virus attacks
                  - attacker, who is using DOS attacks
                  - hacker
                  - spammer, they make use of your e-mail addresses
                  - people they borrow arithmetic time of your systems

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