Research, Engineering and ODM

"Everything that can be invented already has been."

This statement were made in 1899 from the American Patent Office. If these "experts" were right, than we still would sit in the dark. It is our responsibility to avoid narrow-minded ways of thinking. Uncountable questions are still waiting for an answer. It is our destiny to find the answers for tomorrow's questions.

In our laboratories we create daily new developments. Solutions of today and tomorrow. Products, which you already will use today or tomorrow.

As an ODM company (Original Design Manufacture) we keep us in the background. Rights and results of the ordered developments belongs to our customer.

Since 1991

Since formation in 1991 we developed the following products for our customers:

    - supercomputer
    - workstations
    - notebooks
    - radio engineering
    - security technology
    - and much more

For military use we also manufacture notebooks and special equipment.

Since 1994

In late 1994 we started to develop cockpit instruments and technology for the aviation industry.
Since 2002 we build complete  "glass-cockpits" for bigger airliners.

Beside hardware we also developing software and the necessary monitoring technology as well as the required devices for the maintenance.

Since 1995 

Since 1995 we have created 4 generations of ultrasound equipment. The 4 generations features our one color 3D technology. The integrated automated diagnostic routines are worldwide unique. 


Late 1996 we started to develop portable EKG and EEG equipments and  in 1998 we entered the pacemaker market with our first programmable and self-learning pacemakers.

Research - exciting as science can be.

Research will bring us forward. It's also to hope to find answers. Our research department in the USA we search for answers.
This includes not only technology research and basic research. We are also covering biomedical questions as well as the micro technology.  Together with our Partners, Parrot's is involved in many different field research project teams for example in universities. 

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