Special purpose Customer...

are customer in the security field who need more service than just IT security, as well as police-customers or customers who need forensic or investigation service. Also government authorities apply to this customer field.

Please understand that for security reason we are not be able to give you more information in our open web site forum. However, we would be happy to inform you in deep about all our services in this special area on a personal visit.

  Business Consulting

"Many times the difference between failure and success is doing something nearly right... or doing it exactly right."

Today the market require in each field an incredibly amount of dynamic and flexibility. According to this, there are daily more highly demands on your know-how.

Business consulting is one of the most complex field in the whole consulting business. Beside the professional competence we need enormous business know-how as well as a corresponding relationship. Itís not only about understanding the general rules of a business, itís also about understanding their specific market-related rules and legality. It is not good enough to know the client. We also need to know and understand the environment he is in. Only than we can consult efficient and professional.

We offer business consulting in the following fields:

             - airline / air carrier / aviation related business (e.g. airports)
             - airplane manufacturer and their suppliers
             - air cargo company
             - maintenance companies in the aviation
             - air traffic control
             - producing electronic industry
             - medical engineering/technology / hospitals
             - security technology, company protection
             - identity checking fields
             - police and investigating organizations


The 9/11 has changed all everything...

The massif price-cut competition, the varying legal initial situation of each competitor, the new legal conditions, the raising costs, the political situation, SARS... the best is, we will stop the enumeration here. Right now, no other business is standing in front of so many challenges than the aviation. Involved are not only the big plane builders or the big airlines, involved is any flight-related business, including there small service companies. Beside the internal difficulties there are new additional security regulations etc...

Only the companies, which are able to react immediately and in an absolute correct way, will survive. 

The world is small. Very small. However the worldwide competition is  big.

Bigger than ever. Therefore more and more jobs get transferred to low-wages countries. But... is Europe not competitive anymore?

In our opinion the problem is to find somewhere else. The existing structures are just an example.

Companies in Europe have a great optimizing potential.

Optimizing their processes is the first step in cost reduction and quality improvement.

Analization of partnerships and existing contracts often shows a very big, long hidden potential. New possibilities just like cost-cutting.

Hospitals,  special clinics rehabilitations centre and more...

are standing under extreme cost pressure. The risk of quality lost is extremely high and therefore the only way to beet this is transparency and optimizing.
In the past, people also lost there confidence in these institutions because of several terrible events.

With audits and specifically measures we are able to achieve relevant quality improvements as well as significant cost cutting. 

A high importance will become especially the quality assurance. Furthermore an important point is to get the raising costs under control and to prepare the institutions for the coming changes in Europe.

Here we do not talk only about IT security...

which includes for example computer viruses or trojan horses.
But unfortunately more and more clever methods were used to spy out the competitors. We could call this company espionage. Additional there are the damages, which can be created from dissatisfied employees.  Not rarely we need to talk about it as sabotage.
Therefore it is important to protect your company from criminal assault without having a negative effect on the working climate and/or the feelings of your employees or even neglect one's duty. Bigger companies often have field-specified security regulations, which they need to fulfill prescribed by law.

We can support you to protect yourself efficiency and for a reasonable price. Talk to our specialists  and you will be surprised about our today's possibilities.

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